Welcome to the new Gaddesby Website!

Welcome to the new home for Gaddesby on the web.

I have updated the old content and re-presented it in a new format using WordPress.  It now has a more open and accessible look and feel.  There are new features such as a calender of events and comments boxes on the main menu pages.  This should make it more lively and up to date.  It also makes setting up and amending the site MUCH easier.  I can also now share this role with others with a particular interest in parts of the site – such as the Village Hall.

Have a look around and leave your comments in the boxes provided on the main menu pages.  Let me know how you like the site and what else you’d like it to include.  And please revisit the site over the next few weeks to see what’s been added – and to keep track with events around the village.


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