Village Organisations

These pages contain information on a number of organisations running in Gaddesby.  If you would like to have some pages for your organisation please contact me using the comments box below – or by emailing me snhargrave at

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  1. Maurice Deacon says:

    Dear Mr. Hargrave,

    Re. Church Newsletter May 2018 edition.

    I was dismayed that you decided to up-load the above Newsletter, despite our churchwarden (elect) asking you to consider so doing. You said that you had considered the situation, but decided to go ahead because you thought that it would be of interest to others (in the world?)

    Most Christian church-goers (Gaddesby at least) consider the church to be part of their family.
    I put it to you Mr. Hargrave: if one of your family turned “renegade” for whatever reason, would you want everyone in the world to know by putting it on the www – or would you prefer to sort the problem(s) out yourselves? Mindful that there are always two sides to every story!

    It is just this sort of thing that gives the internet a bad name.

    Yours sincerely,
    Maurice Deacon.

    Just for the record, most of St. Luke’s regular church-goers are in support of the Revd. Neil.

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