Sports & Socials

Welcome to the vibrant village of Gaddesby, where community spirit thrives amidst the serene countryside setting. Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, Gaddesby is renowned for its active lifestyle and close-knit community bonds.

Summer parties are eagerly anticipated affairs in Gaddesby, marking the arrival of balmy evenings and starlit skies. Residents gather in swarms on vibrant meadows, adorned with colourful bunting and fairy lights, to revel in music, dance, and laughter, and perhaps a bit of booze and food thrown in for good measure too! These celebrations offer a cherished opportunity for residents.

The Couch to 5K running club is a cornerstone of weekly life in Gaddesby. From seasoned athletes to novice joggers, residents lace up their trainers to explore the scenic trails crisscrossing our village. Whether it’s a leisurely jog starting at The Cheney Arms or an exhilarating evening run, the village echoes with the rhythm of pounding feet and the camaraderie of fellow runners. For those that aren’t runners there’s still plenty of walking that can be had and we can guarantee you will always see a local out walking their dogs. 

Image captured from the village page on Facebook.

The Cheney Knights Petanque team, captained by Sam Burdett, embodies the spirit of friendly competition and community engagement. Throughout the year, the Cheney Knights participate in friendly matches and tournaments, both within the village and against neighbouring teams from other villages across Leicestershire. The team meet most Wednesday nights from April to October holding every other game at home outside The Cheney Arms. During the summer, the team captain organises as a village wide competition where Pairs go neck and neck in an attempt to win the Dave Whait Memorial Trophy.

Image captured from the village page on Facebook. Featuring the winners for 2023.

Gaddesby’s annual calendar is always scheduled with the Gaddesby Gallop. This beloved event draws participants from far and wide to test their mettle in a scenic cross-country race through the village and surrounding countryside. The Gallop encapsulates the spirit of community, sportsmanship, and adventure that defines life in Gaddesby. But don’t be fooled, this is a wet, cold and soggy affair and not to be taken on lightly. 

Image captured from the village page on Facebook. Featuring 2023’s runners adorning their Santa hats.

Central to the village’s cultural fabric is the renowned Gaddesby Heathens Band. This spirited ensemble, comprising talented musicians from the community, infuses the air with melodious tunes during festive occasions and community events. From classic rock tunes to soul-stirring ballads, their performances captivate audiences and foster a sense of unity among villagers. The Gaddesby calendar is regularly filled with gigs supplied by the Group.

Image captured from the village page on Facebook

Up for something a little more relaxing, every second Saturday of the month our village residents Jules and Louise throw a Cake and Coffee morning where you can divulge in delicious sponges and brownies accompanied by a tea or coffee. All profits go towards the church fund which helps with maintenance and repairs.

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