Local Services

These pages link to the services available to those living in the village.  There is a list of local businesses offering items delivered to the village; public services and a separate page for Gaddesby Primary School.

Local services originated in the Gaddesby Welcome Booklet produced by Sue Milward and Simon Hargrave in 2002.  It was sent to all households in the village and was intended to be given to those who then moved into the village.   The Welcome booklet was the initiator for this website.


Public Services

Gaddesby School


3 Responses to Local Services

  1. Greg Hewitt says:


    My name’s Greg and I am the Community Engagement & Representation Officer for Voluntary Action Melton. I would really like to reach out to the villages in the Borough to let people know of the support they can receive, and for them to know they have a voice.

    Please see this page: http://www.leicestershirevillages.com/meltonmowbray/voluntary-action-melton.html

    Would it be possible for you to add this page to your village website please?

    Kind Regards,


    • SimonH says:

      Thanks Greg. I’ve had a look at this and I think people from the village would like to volunteer as well as to know they could receive help. Can I give you a ring tomorrow and make sure I’ve got the right end of the stick?

      I’ve liked the VAM Facebook page from the Gaddesby village page – which is a first for me!


      • Greg Hewitt says:

        Hi Simon,

        I never saw this reply, sorry! I am happy to answer any questions you may have and if you’d like to ring me, I’d be happy to chat further. You can call me on 01664 483 043 or 07530 065730.

        Kind Regards,


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