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These pages link to the services available to those living in the village or surrounding areas. There is a list of local businesses offering items delivered to the village or ways you can collect; public services and a separate page for Gaddesby Primary School.

Local services originated in the Gaddesby Welcome Booklet produced by Sue Milward and Simon Hargrave in 2002.  It was sent to all households in the village and was intended to be given to those who then moved into the village.   The Welcome booklet was the initiator for this website.

Since the website fell unloved and out of date from around 2013 onwards, only receiving minor additions or amends, the Gaddesby Village Committee wanted to rejuvenate the site and bring it back to present day. The help of Julie Hayton and Emily Greaves was called in and the site has been brought back to life. Our aim was to not only reassess the data held within the website but to also amend the types of content made available for the village. The Facebook group over the years has proved incredible use that many of our residents rely on day to day.

We try our hardest to keep our village and surround areas of Leicestershire neat and tidy but sadly not everybody is like us and every so often a spontaneous load of rubbish gets dumped nearby. Or you may have noticed a sudden pot hole develop and you’re concerned it may cause damages. To aid with clear up and repair you can complete a form on the following link to notify the Melton Borough Council. 

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