Headline results for the Gaddesby Gallop

Thank You all for a fantastic turn out yesterday,

The trophies were awarded as follows:-

1st Place Mens – Ashley Miles Sphinx RC 34.03
2nd Place Mens – Nick Cobley Roadhogs 34.14
3rd Place Mens – Sam Stevens Wreake Runners 34.42

1st Place Ladies – Sally Newman Wreake Runners 40.35
2nd Place Ladies – Sarah Thorp West End RC 42.48
3rd Place Ladies – Isabelle Norledge St. Andrews 42.58

1st Local Mens – David Maquire Gaddesby Gallopers 40.22
1st Local Ladies – Ginny Tarelli Gaddesby Gallopers 55.22

As winners of the 1st Local Trophies. Ginny and David have been inducted into the legendary Gaddesby Gallopers as a result of their efforts on the day. Well done both of you!

The full results list will be posted in the next couple of days, sorry for the slight delay, but we want to review the middle order with the video to ensure you all are placed in the correct order with the correct times!

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