Gaddesby Neighbourhood Plan

Melton Borough Council is producing a plan for the town and villages to cover the next ten years.  This covers all manner of items but of particular interest is the recommendations for where new housing should be constructed in the town and the villages.  There have been a number of consultations around the Borough as this is a contentious area.  The latest Copy of the plan is given at the bottom, of this page.

Partly in response to this Borough-wide plan Gaddesby Parish Council has commissioned a neighbourhood plan for the villages of Gaddesby, Ashby Folville and Barsby. and a group of parishioners is working on this (the GABNP Group).  This plan, representing the views of all the parishioners, will show the direction that development in the villages might follow.  This would therefore be of use in discussions on the broader Melton Borough Plan
Notes from the GABNP group are shown below then the latest copy of the Melton Borough Plan follow.

The final consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan ran from 16 September 2019 until 28 October 2019. Thank you to those of you who returned your comments.  These have been collated. 

For now the Neighbourhood plan documents can still be seen on this page of the Leicestershire Communities Forum – which also contains a Comments form for you to use.

Please follow these links to read the proposed Parish plan.

Documents relating to the Gaddesby, Ashby Folville and Barsby  Neighbourhood Plan Group
Terms of Reference
Minutes from meeting held 6 December 2017
 Minutes from meeting held 5 January 2018
Minutes from meeting held 19 February 2018
 Agenda for Meeting on 13th April 2018
Minutes from Meeting on 16 May
 Gaddesby Parish Consultation Analysis March 2018
Gaddesby Questionnaire Results
Minutes of NP committee meeting 23 Jan 2019
Minutes of the NP Committee held on 6 January 2020

Revised Draft of the Melton Borough Plan considered by the full Melton Borough Council at their Meeting on 4 July 2017

Meeting Ref: COU040717
Committee Name: Full Council
Meeting Date: 04 Jul 2017
  Report Title Document Type View
  Agenda Agenda Agenda-844294.pdf
  Item 3A, Appendix 1 – Addendum to consultation statement Appendix Appendix-844306.pdf
  Item 3B, Appendix 1 – HEDNA Executive Summary Appendix Appendix-844308.pdf
  Item 3B, Appendix 4 – Joint Statement of Cooperation on OAN for Housing Appendix Appendix-844312.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 2b – Melton North Appendix Appendix-844317.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 3 – SSN Map Appendix Appendix-844318.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 5 – List of SHLAA sites assessed Appendix Appendix-844320.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 7 – Tables outlining the changes in settlements Appendix Appendix-844322.pdf
  Item 3E – Draft Melton Local Plan: Housing site allocations and reserve sites in Report Report-844323.pdf
  Item 3F – Draft Melton Local Plan: Chapter 8 – Managing Delivery, including the Report Report-844324.pdf
  Item 3G – Draft Melton Local Plan: Provision for Gypsies and Travellers (Policy Report Report-844325.pdf
  Item 3G, Appendix 2 – L&L GTAA Final Report – May 2017 Appendix Appendix-844326.pdf
  Item 3H, Appendix 2 – 5 yr HLS+trajectory Appendix Appendix-844328.pdf
  Item 3H – Draft Melton Local Plan: Evidence and Background Documents Update Report Report-844331.pdf
  Item 3K, Appendix A – Melton Borough CIL Draft Charging Schedule Appendix Appendix-844339.pdf
  Item 3K, Appendix C – Revised Viability Study Appendix Appendix-844344.pdf
  Item 3L – Melton Local Development Scheme, 2017-2020 Report Report-844347.pdf
  Item 3L, Appendix A – LDS Update Appendix Appendix-844348.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 4 Part 1 – Focused Change FC 4.1: Section 5.4 and Policies C1( Appendix Appendix-844485.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 4 Part 2 (pages 31-75) – Focused change FC 4.2 Appendix Appendix-844489.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 5 – Section 5.5: Housing Mix and Section 5.6: Housing Standard Appendix Appendix-844490.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 8 – Focused Change FC8: Changes to Section 6.5: Providing Jobs Appendix Appendix-844493.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 9 – Focused Change 9 Section 7.14 -7.15 and Policy EN7: Indoor Appendix Appendix-844494.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 11 – Focused Change FC11: Replacement Section 8.3, new Policy Appendix Appendix-844497.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 12 – Focused Change 12: Section 8.10 and Policy IN2 Replacemen Appendix Appendix-844499.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 14 – Addendum of Focused Changes Appendix Appendix-844503.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 4 – Suggested Amendments Appendix Appendix-844319.pdf
  Item 3B, Appendix 3 – addendum report Appendix Appendix-844311.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 6 – Summary table of suggested amendments Appendix Appendix-844321.pdf
  Item 3H, Appendix 1 – EIA of Pre Submission Draft Local Plan Appendix Appendix-844327.pdf
  Item 3K – Melton Borough Community Infrastructure Levy and Draft Charging Schedu Report Report-844346.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 1 – Focused Change 1: Section 4.2, Policy SS2 and SS3 Appendix Appendix-844481.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 7 – Section 5.10 and Policy C6: Provision for Gypsies and Trav Appendix Appendix-844492.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 10 – Focused Change 10.1: Section 8.2 Melton Local Plan Infras Appendix Appendix-844495.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 13 – Focused Change FC13.1 – Policies Map Appendix Appendix-844501.pdf
  Item 3B – Draft Melton Local Plan: Housing Requirements Report Report-844307.pdf
  Item 3C – Draft Melton Plan: Spatial Strategy Report Report-844314.pdf
  Item 3D – Draft Melton Local Plan: Policy C4 – Affordable Housing Report Report-844315.pdf
  Item 3K, Appendix B – Melton Borough CIL Draft Charging Schedule Revised MBC ID Appendix Appendix-844342.pdf
  Item 3I – Draft Melton Local Plan: Addendum of Focussed Changes Report Report-844478.pdf
  Item 3A – Draft Melton Local Plan – Progress and Issues Overview, Next Steps Report Report-844301.pdf
  Item 3B, Appendix 2 – ‘Towards a Housing Requirement’ Executive Summary Appendix Appendix-844309.pdf
  Item 3E, Appendix 2a – Melton South Appendix Appendix-844316.pdf
  Item 3H, Appendix 3 – Sequential Test of Flood Risk (without appendices) Appendix Appendix-844330.pdf
  Item 3J – Pre Submission Draft Melton Local Plan: Representations Received Report Report-844332.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 2 – Focused Change 2 –Policy SS4, Section 4.5 and Policy SS5: Appendix Appendix-844483.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 3 – Focused Change 3 – Section 4.7: Long term growth strategy Appendix Appendix-844484.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 4 Part 2 (pages 1-30) – Focused change FC 4.2 Appendix Appendix-844486.pdf
  Item 3I, Appendix 6 – Focused Change 6: Replacement Section 5.8 and Policy C4: A Appendix Appendix-844491.pdf