Gallop 2003

Gaddesby Gallop Saturday 20th December 2003

This year’s Gaddesby Gallop was run in rain and steady drizzle with a keen Easterly wind.  At least it wasn’t snowing.  Last year’s critics who complained that the course wasn’t muddy enough had their wishes granted in the four foot deep dew pond and the four foot diameter drainage pipe.  Fantastic.

The race was run by Richard Brown (Charnwood AC) in 35:40.  Jenni Newton (Wreake Runners) was the first lady back in 48:29.  First local was Andrew Stevens (Gaddesby Gallopers) in 46:29.  First local Lady was Justine Hunt (Gaddesby Gallopers) in 54:57.

Times were slower than last year due to the weather and to the course which was a quarter of a mile longer.