Changes to how the local church parishes work together

The Church in Gaddesby comes under the Framland Deanery – the group of parishes in the North East of the Leicester Diocese.   As it looks ahead to 2020 the Deanery needs to grow and increase its mission work in the villages.  A plan (see link below) has been formulated to make the best use of the people involved.  The plan proposes to:-

  1. divide the Deanery into three parts, or families, where the parishes will work together
  2. establish a “Deanery Pastoral Committee” – to help them do so
  3. determine who are the specialists focusing on a particular area of the Church’s mission and ministry across the Deanery and
  4. encourage each church community to provide an annual ‘plan’ for its own mission and ministry.

 The three proposed families are:-

  • North    – Belvoir; High Framland; The Ironstone Villages
  • Middle  – Old Dalby; Asfordby; Ab Kettleby; Holwell; Melton Mowbray Team; South Framland
  • South – The South West Framland Group (including Gaddesby); Whatborough; Loddington

 The report and the map can be seen by following the links below.

Framland Deanery and Mission Partnership Pastoral Plan to 2020

Deanery Map 2012



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