Bus Service Changes Update

The September Parish Council minutes give an update on the bus service review as at the beginning of September

County Councillor Orson had previously emailed to Councillors data in connection with the local bus service review.  The information received gave a breakdown of costs relating to the type of bus service, ie, rural rider, service 100, etc and then gave a breakdown of the costs per passenger per journey.  Councillor Orson advised that the data had been collated prior to the end of July and that according to the figures the rural rider service makes the biggest loss.  County Councillor Orson went on to advise that LCC had received between 1300 and 1500 responses in relation to the recent local bus service consultation and that it was thought that the current services would continue until early 2013.  County Councillor Orson reported that he would be meeting with senior officers at LCC on Friday, 7th September to put various case studies forward; namely, parishioners whose everyday lives would be significantly effected by the changes.  County Councillor Orson explained that the various options which may be considered are, combining two services/routes together and to have a reduction in the number of buses per day.

We await an update from Councillor Orson’s meeting with Leicestershire County Council on 7th September.

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