Gaddesby in the Wider World

Images or mentions of Gaddesby elsewhere in the UK and beyond.

Tate Gallery, London – Print by John PiperĀ 

2. Gaddesby, Leicestershire: Medieval Stonework 1964 p06428 Rooms P06428 ‘2. Gaddesby, Leicestershire: Medieval Stonework’, John Piper – Tate collection [On paper, print, 1960-9, abstraction, non-representation]



2 Responses to Gaddesby in the Wider World

  1. barbara gaddy says:

    I am, of course, searching my name and, up to the present, have found various names in this part of England in and around my people who started showing up in Virginia in the late seventeenth and early seventeenth centuries.
    My grandfather Gaddy said that we were English, the French in Lille say that I am French and, after studying your region, I can see that both could be correct. HA!
    I have not as yet gone into the Univ. of Leicester, but would appreciate any suggestions that y9u consider pertinent.
    If there are still Gaddys there they probably know as much about their heritage as we do.
    Barbara Gaddy.

    • SimonH says:

      Thanks for the comment – and sorry for the delay. Our Gaddesby is supposed to come from Gadr’s by or Gadr’s settlement. It maybe that your Gaddy has a different root. Any success from any other lines of enquiry?

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